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Does your warehouse or other industrial building need to be repainted? Just because it is for a commercial building and not your home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have concern for the aesthetic appeal. Many studies have shown that a business with high-quality paint, correct lighting and the right color scheme improve people’s disposition, time management skills and general focus on work. A brighter working environment can reduce the amount of mishaps and necessity for additional lighting, allowing you to become more eco-friendly and reduce energy waste. All of these factors will help you create a happy and relaxing atmosphere for your business- not to mention save you money!

Don’t let your business begin to look shoddy, give it the paint job your brand deserves. If you want the best, you want Impresa Painting. Impresa Painting proudly serves Philadelphia and the surrounding areas with quality and affordable painting services. We are known for the satisfaction that we provide to our clients and you can see it all over the city.

When hiring Impresa Painting, you’ll receive:


  • High-quality paint
  • Professional setup
  • Quick delivery time
  • Attention to detail
  • Professional color advice
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

Why choose Impresa Painting in Philadelphia?

We can secure Bid/Performance bonds

Dun & Bradstreet credited.

CCR registered VBE/SBA.

We are Fully licensed and Insured.

EPA Lead Stabilization Certified.

Veteran owned and operated

Trust Your Business To Impresa Painting

Philadelphia is a wonderful city, not only because of its rich history, but also because of the splendor of its building. We pride ourselves on contributing on making our city a more beautiful place by providing high-quality commercial and industrial painting services at competitive prices. Contact us online now or call us at (215) 850-8675 and request a free estimate! We guarantee you will be satisfied with the work because our team will do whatever it takes to get the best results for you.

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